Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Murda Niggas, Step On My Shoes I Hurt A Nigga

I've come to the disturbing conclusion recently, as recently as ten minutes ago, that the youth of today doesn't appreciate hip-hop as a whole and they have this naive fascination with mainstream rap and it's merchandising capabilities. The story goes that I am in my car, bringing my sister somewhere. I've got a playlist from my iPod going and everything seems to either disinterest or flat out annoy her. DANGERDOOM's Old School with Talib Kweli. The song starts off with Kweli dropping a verse.
Her head gets to moving.

The thing here is she likes Talib, most likely because of the fact that he has been deemed underappreciated in the underground hip-hop scene, not for the fact that he's one of the greatest emcees of our time. Additionally, the only reason she is familiar with the name is the fact I was compassionate enough to introduce her to some good music. Anyways, his verse ends and MF Doom steps up to the mic.
She looks at me like I'm some kind of freak show.

I realize that his flows are very unorthodox and that some may seem him as a whack rapper although he spits some of great metaphoric lines from time to time. Her distate is understandable at best, so i change the song to Ghostface Killah's new Be Easy from his latest release Fishscale. Immediately she reacts.
"Who is this?," she says in distaste. I look at her dumfounded and I reply, "Ghostface Killah." "He's not very good." "Ya, Wu-Tang... terrible."

She cannot be serious. An excellent rapper from argueably the greatest rap group from all time, the Wu-Tang Clan, and she's never even heard of him. Next time she tells me she's up on music, I might just laugh. A lot. So I move on and a mixtape joint by Ludacris commences, He Man.
"I don't like this song." This girl cannot be real. She's probably never even heard it before, so at this point, I respond angrily, "Ya, my bad. I forgot that he's not rapping about killing, bling, or drugs here." That sure shut her up.

I guess the moral to this blog, if all blogs were to have one, is that you need to appreciate what is out there and learn to give things a chance.

Appreciate this:
DANGERDOOM ft. Talib Kweli - Old School
Ghostface Killah - Be Easy
Ludacris - He Man