Sunday, May 03, 2009

I Guess I Musta Killed 'Em

So I just saw the sickly dark official video for one of Eminem's newest track, 3 A.M. The song exhibits Em gettin' back to his twisted, old school flow and is going to be on the tracklist for his newest album Relapse, which will be released on May 15th.

This album is highly anticipated being his first album since Encore in 2004, and you can check out the whole tracklist here. The video itself debuted Saturday night on Cinemax and features a excellently gruesome story line.

You can check out the music video here.

Also, take a look at the website that Em created for the reason of promoting the album?

Friday, May 01, 2009

Ballers With Them Thangs, We Call 'em Contractors

Records In Rotation.
5/1/09 (from 1/27/09)

Here's the next set of tracks from my playlist series. Soon enough, I'll be hittin' you guys with the freshest of music. Download all 22 of the tracks from the link below.

Busta Rhymes ft. Young Jeezy, Jadakiss - Respect My Conglomerate :: It really doesn't get much harder than this track. This is the perfect track to start this playlist with. This three heavy-hitters mesh so well together and you can't hate on that chorus, either.
Chamillionaire ft. Ludacris - Creepin' Remix :: This is a great taste of the work Chamillionaire is doing on Venom, which is set to drop in June. On this Creepin version, he teams up with Ludacris to spit over a dope remixed beat by producer Komplex.
Cory Gunz - Rotate Freestyle :: Cory flys through this track and it's hard to keep up. If you're feelin' this, check out kid go off the top here for DJ Green Lantern.
Crooked I ft. Sedrew Price - Kiss My Eyes Remix :: I think the flows of both Crook and SeDrew couldn't be anymore different, but combine the two lyricists over a rock beat and they do work. This track featured on A (2) Dope Mixtape: Cadillac Edition.
Drake - November 18th :: I used bump the dirty south alllll the time, so to hear this chopped and screwed track really sent me back. It's great hearing one of the dopest young guns do his thing over it.
Dyme Def - Def2TheRecord :: These guys sample game is retarded. They come correct with each release. Their fast flow keeps each track interesting and unique, even if they're all spelled as one word and with numbers.
Dyme Def - 3BadBros. :: Beastie Boys sample is a nice touch, and these three bad brothers from Seattle are been coming consistent and often.
Fashawn - Frank Lee :: This is the third Fashawn track posted up in the past few posts. This time, he takes us out of this world with a journey of another kind.
The Game ft. Wyclef Jean, Damian Marley - Enemy :: I'm sure this track will get plenty of rotations during the course of my summer. Game adopts that island flow nicely to match up Junior Gong and the Refugee. This isn't the best Game song around, but I figured I needed to post something from dude.
Gorilla Zoe ft. Jim Jones, Lil' Wayne - Lost Remix :: Not being a big Gorilla Zoe fan and even with Jim Jones on the track, I ended up liking this song. Lil' Wayne fits perfectly on this remix.
Japanese Cartoon - Heirplanes :: So the story behind this band is that they are rumored to be a Lupe Fiasco experimental side-project, but Wasulu officially denys all those claims. I definitely think this is Lu, but you can judge for yourself.
Slaughterhouse - Move On Remix
KiD CuDi - Sky High :: Cudi is at the top of his game right now. Of Kanye's Sky High Mixtape, this is a perfect way to kick off the mixtape. The sampling for the chorus is insane, and KiD Cudi used that as inspiration to flow as fine as he did.
Lil' Wayne ft. Pharrell - Ay Man :: These two emcees just work together. Pharrells verse is so, so fresh and Weezy just does his thing. Tell me Pharrell's flow doesn't sound like a young Juvenile on the track.
Pharrell ft. Lil' Wayne - Yes! :: I was really feeling this track when it first came out, but I think its the lesser of the two Skateboard P/Weezy collabs here. The dubstep-inspired beat here is out of this world.
Q-Tip ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, Lil' Wayne, Renaissance Rap Remix :: One word to describe this: Wow. I can't get enough of Q-Tip and peep that line-up. Everyone goes at this track in their own unique way, and it comes together as a master piece. Keep your eyes out for Chef's Only Built For Cuban Linx II.
Rich Boy - Drop :: Take about dope. Just when you though Rich Boy was done throwin' d's that bitch, he comes back with a gritty track like this. The beat and the flow are unmatched by any other Rich Boy track. Can't get enough of this.
Saigon - The Rules :: Saigitty has a steady flow of new material right now. This is about everything you'd expect from this dude, and the chorus is fire on it's own.
Soulja Boy ft. Lil' Wayne - Swag On Remix :: I tend to hate on Soulja Boy, but the thing is, he can do it big from time to time. I might just like this song because it's exactly how I get out of bed every morning. Yet another Wayne remix, but he fits on this Soulja Boy track.
TI ft. Snoop Dogg, Wyclef Jean - Holla If You Hear Me :: TI hit us with so much before they shipped him upstate. Holla If You Hear Me was the latest in releases and the Snoop and Wyclef features make this a well-rounded, up beat joint.
Wiz Khalifa - All My Life Freestyle :: Jay Rock's All My Life gets reversed by the Wiz himself. He's got the same Wiz flow, and especially goes hard right before the chorus would break.
Wiz Khalifa - Turning Me On Remix :: Yet another Wiz freestyle from his mixtape game. If you're feelin' this, check out his first mixtape here.
Young Buck - Murda Call :: This is some new, tough Buck. "Something the internet to go crazy to," as he puts it. Let's see Fitty flow something like this these days.

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