Friday, January 30, 2009

As We Proceed, To Give You What You Need

I introduce to you... Madcon.

I'm a guy who appriciates musicians who just fun to listen to. These two men, Tshawe Baqwa & Yosef Wolde-Mariam, who make up the group Madcon, have taken over my ipod. The group resides in Norway where they host their own tv show called, "The Voice of Madcon." They're music reminds me of someone else everytime I listen to them. I believe they have Outkast's funk, De La Soul's Soul sound and almost a combination of Will.I.Am and Wyclef Jean, kinda like a modern day Bob Marley. Plus it's refreshing not to hear rappers talking about spaceships, drugs, guns or anything in a typical hip hop song for that matter. Im still not too sure how to give links to these songs, so I'll leave you with a few recomended tracks.

Madcon- God Forgive Me
Madcon- The Sweetest Drug
Madcon- Liar
Madcon- Wolves
Madcon- Fuck You
Madcon- Wholehearted
Madcon- Doo Wop
Madcon- South Side
Madcon- Rapshit
Madcon- Oslo City (my favorite)
Madcon- In A Day
Madcon- Hustla
Madcon- Begging