Thursday, August 23, 2007

Got Exposed to the Game

I'd like to again apologize for all these delayed posts, but after finding a solution for my problems with my online server, I can begin to supply you with the realest, dirtiest, trillest hip-hop music; that shit you've been waiting for. Since I can't go and backtrack, I'm gonna start with a few newer tracks off the playlist. Enjoy, basschasers.

Cassidy - I Get Money: Everyone's freestyling on Fitty's track and doing it big, bigger than the originator.
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Phoney Phranchise: I've always been a fan of this established underground rapper, and he did me proud.
Fallout Boy ft. Kanye West, Gym Class Heroes, Tyga, Lupe Fiasco, Paul Wall, Skin Head Rob, Lil' Wayne- Arms Race Remix: This rap remix of suburban white kid's one-time loved song isn't the best crossover mix I've heard, but it's worth listening to. Sadly, though, Wayne disappointed.
Freekey Zekey ft. Cam'ron, Juelz Santana - Daddy's Back: Although I'm not a big fan of Zeke, this track has an old school feel that I just couldn't resist.
The Game ft. Lil' Wayne - Lyrical Homicide: Just look at the names involved. Speaks for itself.
Hurrican Chris - Hand Clap: Everyone already knows Chris's claim to fame, but this track is just as lively as his first single, found here. Just no catch phrase with this one.
Jae Millz - Silver Surf: On a track I like to call Crank That Freestyle, Jae goes ahead and spits it just as hard as the songs originator, who you'll get to cop below.
Jay-Z ft. TI, Bun B - Pimpin' Is Born: Whoever mixed this track up needs to come see me so I can give them their props.
Kanye West ft. Lil' Wayne - Barry Bonds: A few things; one, having Kanye and Lil' Wayne on this track got me interested right away, and two, I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but it grew on me.
Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing: My favorite track so far off of Graduation. The lyricism is real tight.
Lil' Wayne ft. Juelz Santana - Poppin' Part 2
Lil' Wayne ft. Juelz Santana - Bad Side
Lil' Wayne - Outstanding: These three songs, all of mixtapes, show his range as a rapper, his consistently on tracks, and the fact that he's not dropping off the charts anytime soon.
The Pack - Robocop: I love to stay on my hyphy shit, on my Pack shit, and going stupid, dummy, retarded.
Ray L ft. Fabolous, Red Cafe - My Girls Got A Girlfriend Remix: This is one of those songs that I just find myself singin' the chorus over and over.
Saigon ft. Swizz Beatz - Don't You, Baby: More of an underground track, but it's got a mainstream feel too it. Good combination, all in all.
Sean Kingston ft. Fabolous, Lil' Boosie - Beautiful Girls Remix: As I began to type this song here, I figured if I was someone else, I would kick my ass just for listening to this more than once.
Soulja Boy - Crank That Soulja Boy Remix: Once I learned the dance, I was hooked. This mix is a bit more upbeat, and if someone would like to send me the original, I'll superman that hoe.
TI - Tell 'em I Said That: My favorite track from what I've heard off of his alter-ego album. He keeps it real from beginning to end.
Three 6 Mafia ft. The Game - Like Money: I don't know what it is about the Mafia, but they are some of the hardest rappers still out there, and with a West Coast heavy hitter like the game, this song could please both the occasional listener and those who listen to rap religiously, alike.
Tupac ft. Boot Camp Click - Initiated: This tracks off the new Pac album, and judging by this song, I might be throwing down a few bucks for it.
Twista ft. T Pain - Creep Fast: I've always been a fan of Twista's hurried flow, but combined with the sounds of Teddy Pain, this track makes it way into my next top ten list.

If you have trouble getting the joints, make sure you click "Download this File" above the streaming song, then the "Download Now" button, and the prompt to download it should show up automatically.

It's nice to be back.