Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Art Of Storytellin'

Much of what is overlooked in the mainstream rap industry is an artist's ability to tell a story in their flow - a story that is coherent and enjoyable to listeners of all walks of life. Hip-hop is, as OutKast put it, the art of storytelling, and a song that is an amazing example of this is Slick Rick's Children Story. This track was so influential, even today we still see rappers taking this classic example of hip-hop and putting their own, fresh, new twist on the track.

Slick Rick - Children's Story

Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) - Children's Story

Double O (of Kidz In The Hall) - Children's Story

Bonus: The Game - Compton Story

Friday, December 12, 2008

Gangsta Lovin'

As an up and coming Atlanta rapper, B.o.B is drawing attention because his raw southern flow that I see as a hybrid of Andre 3000 and T.I. He was featured on the track On Top of the World off T.I.'s newest album, Paper Trail. Below I've thrown together a compilation of his remix to T.I.'s joint, and a song off his ill mixtape, and the mixtape itself. Hopefully, you'll be able to hear more of this dude in the future.

B.o.B ft. T.I., Ludacris - On Top Of The World Remix :: This remix adds a genuine southern flavor to the track, that compliments Tip and Luda in the dopest of manners and reflects how southern rap influenced him growing up.

B.o.B - Use Your Love :: I'm throwing a bonus of the song he sampled, as well: The Outfield - I Don't Want To Lose Your Love

Who The Fuck Is B.o.B? Mixtape :: This is definitely a mixtape I can listen through from beginning to end. He is a talented artists who can flow, can lyricize, and whose production creates some amazing tracks.

Keep an eye out for this dude. Hopefully he'll make his way towards mainstream light.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Very Young Hov

I had originally posted this a couple of weeks back, but the hip-hop police over at the record companies didn't like that I was sharing some of Jigga's new tracks with you. I took all the joints from Blueprint 3 off the post, but hopefully you'll still enjoy the low-key classics I'm here to share:

I'm sure many of you share my excitement for Jay's upcoming album, The Blueprint 3. It's great that another track from Hova's eleventh studio album leaked, but I find the song History [link removed] lackluster. Personally, I expect more from a man that's given the hip-hop industry so much to date. I can also honestly say it was not one of the songs I was the most anxious to hear, Swagga Like Us Pt. 2. For the time being, I will be leaving you with some rare cuts, some early classics, and some back-in-the-day freestyles. It's interesting to note how Hova's flow has shifted from his fast flows coming up to his more refined flow now, but he's always kept the same Young Hov flow.

The compilation of tracks includes:
Big L ft. Jay-Z - Homerun Hitters Freestyle
Jay-Z - 1991 Freestyle at Big Daddy Kane's Birthday
Jay-Z - 1993 Freestyle
Jay-Z - Addicted To The Game
Jay-Z - Can I Git It Open
Jay-Z - Dead or Alive, Pt. 2 (Tupac Diss)
Jay-Z - Early This Morning
Jay-Z - What's In A Name
Jay-Z ft. Rude Boyz - My Kind Of Girl
Jaz O ft. Jay-Z - Hawaiian Sophie
Jaz O ft. Jay-Z - Originators '99

You can download it here.

Just throw your diamonds in the sky until I get my next playlist up.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheers To The Future As We Toast To Life

I haven't been around these parts in a long while and I'm just hoping this post will put me back on your good sides. I feel like the rap industry is bumpin' right now, from all the commercial stuff being released to up and coming young dudes doing their thing. I'm hooking you up with a few tracks I've been listening to on my last couple of playlists.

Apathy - Swagger Like Us Freestyle :: I gotta show a little love for Connecticut artists. Apathy has been puttin' out doubt shit for a while and I need to always show love from the local artists.
B.o.B. - I'll Be In The Sky :: This dude has been puttin' out shit from the ATL from a while now, but you need to at least hear this song before you dismiss the dude. And tell me this song doesn't remind you of an Andre 3000 influence.
Big Boi - Dubbz :: Big Boi's first joint off the album was so much doper than this, but I'll give him the chance because I really want to see this album succeed.
Cassidy - Circumstances :: It's nice to hear something from Cassidy every once in a while. Couple that with some amazing Island music behind it and you've got an irresistible song.
Charles Hamilton & Joe Budden - Invasion Freestyle :: Charles is one of the shining stars of young rap. He's got it going on, and mix the kid with Joe Budden and you have a freestyle worth listening to.
The Cool Kids - Gold Chain :: Typical Cool Kids rapping about just how fly they are.
The Cool Kids - If It Rocks, Let It Knock :: I cant get enough of this groups simplified beats about lyrical style.
Devin The Dude - I Can't Make It Home :: This southern rapper can clearly tell a story and he makes it enjoyable to listen to.
E-40 ft. Turf Talk - Got Rich Twice :: Although Forty Water's new album isn't going to be worth listening straight through, this song makes us remember early 40 and why he keeps it hyphy.
The Game ft. DJ Khaled - Red Light :: This dope song doesn't even compare to the kid's newest album, LAX. It's definitely worth the listen.
Kardinal Offishall ft. Akon, Sean Paul, Twista - Dangerous Remix :: I had to throw this one on their from all those readers who still listenin' to the radio. You'll appreciate this remix as much as I did when I saw Sean and Twista were on it.
My Life - Killer Mike Freestyle :: Although the original song was most definitely the fire, this freestyles a nice change of pace talking of life in the streets in a completely different way.
Lil' Wayne ft. Mike Tyson - The American Dream :: I don't know exactly what mixtape this comes from, but Dwayne continues to produce gems like these. Mike's lines add so much to the song, too.
Ludacris ft. Chris Brown, Sean Garrett - What Them Girls Like :: This track comes from Luda's new album, Theatre of the Mind. It appeals to any rap fan's love of Ludacris' lyrics and every girl's dream of Chris Brown, as well.
Lupe Fiasco ft. Pharrell, Q-Tip, Sarah Green - Paris, Tokyo Remix :: It takes a lot to remix a Lupe song well. Adding an all star line-up of the musicaly-inclined Pharrell, the oldschool but still rockin' Q-Tip, and Chi Town's Sarah Green makes this laid-back remix outstanding.
Lupe Fiasco - Phat Joe :: This track is from a young Lupe and it reminds us of why did as well as he did in the industry.
Peedi Crakk - More Towels :: I've always been a fan of Peedi and it's upbeat tracks like these that keep me listening.
Rick Ross ft. T Pain, Glasses Malone, Birdman - Sun Come Up :: My one complaint about this song is Birdman's verse. It definitely brings the joint down, but I posted this anyways to spread the word of Glasses and his west coast lyricism.
Scarface ft. Lil' Wayne, Bun B - Forget About Me :: Every once in a while a real hip-hop track comes around that keeps you listening. The legendary member of the Geto Boys is accompanied by the entertaining Wayne and Bun B, who I can never get enough of. This track let's you know why some say the South is on top.
Shwayze ft. J.Conway, J.Rockwell - Buzzin' Remix :: A lot of people have been feeling this song and I don't blame them. A couple of unknowns jump on the remix and result in a laid back song.
TI ft. Justin Timberlake - Dead & Gone [Right Click, Save As] :: The Paper Trail is going to be nice. Tip reminices on this track about his fallen friends and keeps it real.
TI - Ready For Whatever :: A typical TI track, but no one is complaining.
TI ft. Rihanna - Livin' Your Life [Right Click, Save As] :: The first time I heard this song on the VMAs, I was hooked. From the sample, to Rihannas excellent appearence, to TI's consistent delivery, it's a great track.
Wale ft. Young Chris, Freeway, Beanie Sigel - Cypher :: Couple DC artist Wale with some of Rocafella's best and you have one amazing cypher. (See Cypher on Urban Dicitionary.)
Wale - Will I :: Another great track by this DC dude, telling a story of how he came up. He might not have as much national appeal as he should, but you have to recognize talent.
Wiz Khalifa - Hero Freestyle :: I've been feeling Wiz ever since I heard his Say Yeah joint. He's rising on the underground rap scene, and he impressively tears up Nas' Hero instrumental.
Wiz Khalifa - Ink My Whole Body :: Another song by Mr. Spacely. His love of tattoo's is lyrically expressed over this captivating track.
Young Buck - My Chevy :: Every since Buck left the Unit, he's been dropping track after track of glorious down south hip-hop. He does work on this song about doing work in his ride.
Young Jeezy ft. Nas - My President Is Black :: On a track that is reminiscent of the trend on Untitled, Jeezy talks about his perspective. The Nas feature wraps this jam up nicely. Definitley a song worth having.

And that's a wrap.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dre Day Tragidy

My boy K-Rocks writes:

This past weekend Andre Young Jr., the son of rap legend Dr. Dre was found in his Woodland Hills home at the age of 20. The tragedy struck at the worst possible time, with the Dr. working on his latest and final album, "Detox." It's every parents worst nightmare to out live their children, but especially for someone like Dre, one man who is responsible for so many successful hip hop artists. He helped out the careers of rap stars like Eminem, The Game, and 50 Cent (unfortunately). He says it best himself:

"Who you think taught you to smoke trees?
Who you think brought you the oldies?
Eazy-E's, Ice Cube's, and D.O.C's
The Snoop D-O-double-G's
and the group that said mother-"Fuck Tha Police"
Gave you tape full of dope beats
to bump when you stroll through in your hood
And when your album sales wasn't doin too good
who's the Doctor they told you to go see?"

The only group to have such an impact on today's hip-hop, in my opinion, would be the Wu-Tang Clan, but Dre is only one man, and has done more in his career than most rappers could even hope. He has established his movie career with rolls in "The Wash" and "Training Day." I believe he has put together one of the most impressive resume in hip hop history.

I'll leave you with a few hits.
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg-Deep Cover
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg-Still D.R.E.
Dr. Dre-It's Like That [Supposed first single off Detox]
N.W.A.-Fuck Tha Police
N.W.A.-Express Yourself
Crooked I-
Say Dre

Other tracks worth coppin':
Dr. Dre-Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang
Dr. Dre-California Love
Dr. Dre-Zoom
Dr. Dre-Forgot About Dre
Dr. Dre-The Next Episode
Dr. Dre-Bad Intentions
N.W.A-Straight Outta Compton
N.W.A-Dope Man
N.W.A.-Boyz-N-the Hood

Props to my man, Orlando Magic.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Can't Even Trip Because I'm Laughin' At Ya

There are two reasons I came up with that would explain why you wouldn't find the following video as funny.
1. You don't know enough about about the Carters to understand their depictions in the video.
2. You are one of the millions of people who believe Lil' Wayne is "the best rapper alive."

For anyone that tried to see this video earlier and it didn't work, I re-uped the video for ya.

This video is from the same humorous brothas that brought you this masterpiece a while back.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rubberband Stacks of Tracks

If you don't know how I operate when it comes to my music, once I get around to downloading tracks I do it all at once and make myself a new playlist, and I get the chance to, I post the tracks so I'm not the only one enjoying 'em.

I'm letting the readers in on a few of my past playlists since it's been a while. As you scan the last and check the tracks, you might find yourself sayin' that the tracks older, but remember so is the respective playlist.

Without further a due, here are those tracks, and be sure to check out the material I provide for you on the right hand panel.

Busta Rhymes ft. Lil' Wayne, Ludacris - Throw It Up
Busta Rhymes - You Don't Want None
Common ft. Pharrell - Announcement
The Game ft. Keyshia Cole, Jadakiss, Bun B, Pusha T, Fat Joe, Young Buck - Pain Remix
The Game - Dope Boys
Gillie Da Kid - Do Ya Job
Killer Mike - 10 G's
Lil' Wayne - Never Get It
Memphis Bleek - No Drought
Mickey Factz ft. Fresh Daily - Keep Moving
Musiq Soulchild - Radio
Nas - I'm On
Nas - Sly Fox
Nas ft. Chris Brown, The Game - Make The World Go Round
Noreaga ft. Lil' Wayne - Still On The Run
Papoose - Brooklyn
Papoose - Straight Stuntin'
Pharoahe Monch ft. Erykah Badu - The Healer/Hip-Hop Remix
TI - Swing Your Rag
TI - What Up

Busta Rhymes ft. Reek Da Villian, Spliff Star, Lil' Wayne, The Game, Big Daddy Kane - Don't Touch Me Remix
The Clipse - Fast Life
David Banner ft. Lil' Wayne, Busta Rhymes - La La La
DMX ft. Freeway - Where Ya Been
Jadakiss ft. Rashad - Bang, Bang
Jae Millz - That Cash
Kanye West ft. Colin Monroe, Lupe Fiasco, Matthew Santos, The Clipse, Jay-Z, Wale - Flashing Lights Remix
Lil' Wayne ft. Jay-Z - Mr. Carter
Lil' Wayne ft. Kanye West - Lollipop Remix
Nas - Hero
Rick Ross ft. Pharrell - Get Down
Saigon - Believe It
Styles P ft. Gillie Da Kid - Cannon
Styles P ft. Wyclef Jean - Understand Me
Three 6 Mafia ft. Pimp C - I Got
Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West - Put On

Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross, T Pain, DJ Khaled - Cash Flow
Busta Rhymes - Where My Money
The Game ft. Keyshia Cole - Pain
The Game ft. Lil' Wayne - Who Run It
Hot Rod ft. Akon, Freeway - Hustleman
Lil' Flip ft. Jay-Z - Deep In The South
Papoose - Die Like A G
Pharoahe Monch - Broken Heart
The Roots ft. Dice Raw, Wahud Ahmad - The Grand Return
Swizz Beatz - Where The Cash At
TI - No Matter What
Young Buck - All Eyes On Me
Young Buck - My Interview

I should have one more playlist post for you lucky readers in a few days, plus I'll be working on starting up my Top 10 list yet again.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What Else Should A Brotha Do

Some call it hipster rap, others call it alternative. Whatever it is, Kidz In The Hall are a talented underground rap duo that have been putting out solid music since 2006. Earlier this year, they released the song Driving Down The Block, off The In Crowd, that I immediately saw as a certified banger.

I wasn't the only one with these positive thoughts, though. Rappers from every walk of the industry became interested in this jam and the group began to release a series of remixes, all of which I've brought to you today. Each of these following tracks have been boasted by the last few of my playlists.

Kidz In The Hall - Drivin' Down The Block
The song that made it all possible.

Kidz In The Hall ft. El-P - Drivin' Down The Block Remix
Rapper, producer, and founder of the Def Jux label, El-P, took the song, added his own verses, and flipped the beat to release an independent rap take on the track.

Kidz In The Hall ft. Pusha T of The Clipse, Bun B, The Cool Kids - Drivin' Down The Block Remix
This was the first remix to take major rappers and make this song all too hot. Note that two of the featured artists here are also featured on my Go Hard post.

Kidz In The Hall ft. Pacific Division, Tyga, Glasses Malone, Mistah F.A.B. - Driving Down The Block Remix
The final and most recent remix to date takes a West Coast twist on the track. This version features the most obscure rapping additions but the Left Coast feel is a nice touch.

This is all for the first post of many.
Much more to come, soon.

We Got It For Cheap

More specifically, we got it for free - freestyles that is.

These aren't freestyles in the sense that the artists are posted on the block rap battlin' off the top of their heads. These freestyles are when a rapper takes another brotha's track and spits a new verse over it. They might be doing this to bank off the tracks established popularity, because they liked the beat, or because they though they could do they track better than the original. Below are a few recent ones I've been listening to.

Joell Ortiz - Summertime In Brooklyn Freestyle :: One of the most unappreciated lyricists today.
Papoose - Live and Learn Freestyle :: Keep 'em comin', Pap.
Chamillionaire - Hero Freestyle :: Decent, but doesn't hold a candle to the Nas original.
Freeway - Hero Freestyle :: I needed to have this addition after the original post because Free goes that hard.
Peedi Crakk - Dey Know Freestyle :: Peedi Peedi > Shawty Lo.
Skyzoo - Dear Summer Freestyle :: Hipster rapper does well on Jay's older track.

And everyone and their mom did a freestyle over Dwayne's A Milli. This is a very small selection of 'em, and the winner is Jay.
Chamillionaire - A Milli Freestyle
Fabolous - A Milli Freestyle
Chris Brown - A Milli Freestyle
Jay-Z - A Billi

Grade-A Beef

G- G- G- G-unit is ga- ga- ga- grudging.

This all started when Fifty decided that it would be a smart move to kick another, more-talented artist out of his gang of rappers (i.e. The Game). He went and released Young Buck and then proceeded to show how much of a fool he was by starting beef with the former clique member.

As I recently informed you in my post, Go Hard, this down-south gangsta is rapping better than he's ever been, so he wasn't the best target for Curtis to attack, but to him the plan seemed full-proof. He released a year-old, taped cellphone conversation between him and Young Buck where Buck got emotional over his status in G-Unit to prove how much tougher he was than Nashville rapper.

In response, Young Buck, aided by The Game, lyrically tore 50 to shreads and left him a failure, and I believe Buck said it best when he stated, "The only people that tape conversations is 5-0."

Young Buck - The Taped Conversation
The Game - Taped Convo
Bonus: Young Buck - Terminate On Sight

Ready For Lift Off

A recurring theme in the world of rap and hip-hop is spittin' rhymes and metaphors about space and all things unearthly. These tracks aren't secluded to underground, nerdy rap artists and tracks. We see even mainstream and gangsta rappers with out of this word phraseology.

Cannibal Ox - Iron Galaxy
DangerDoom - Space Ho's Remix
Deltron 3030 - Positive Contact
Jedi Mind Trick ft. Binary Star - Masters of the Universe

A More Familiar Species
Common ft. Pharrell - Universal Mind Control
Gucci Mane - My Plug Is An Alien
Lil' Wayne - Phone Home
Young Jeezy ft. Fabo - Spaceships on Bankhead

Go Hard

It's been way too long since I last hooked my readers up with what's hot and let 'em know what's not, and I'm going to try my best to make up for all that I have missed. Below, I've featured a few artists that I think are going real hard right now, in no particular order. These songs that I'm hooking you up with below fall into some of the playlist posts I plan on hittin' you up with soon.

Young Buck
I feel like since he was kicked out of the Unit, he has become a completely different rapper. His verses hit so much harder, everything about it is so much rawer, and you really get a feel for him as an individual rapper. He's regained his creative license and is no longer held back by those who have fallen off.
I'm Out Here
Move On
My Whole Life
The Cool Kids
These dudes keep peaking my interest with every jam they release. Each song has it's own individual retro feel that the duo consistently sticks to through both the beats and the bars, plus it helps to have a wardrobe this tight. From their newest EP, The Back Sale, to the recently downloaded That's Stupid Mixtape, Chuck and Mikey keep me wanting more. Who else could rap about bikes and Nikes and keep it so fresh?
A Little Bit Cooler
Mikey Rocks
Black Mags
Pump Up The Volume Remix
That's Stupid Mixtape
Rhapsody Commercial
Pharrell and N.E.R.D
After Mr. William's break from his group to explore a solo career, he returned to his funk/rock/dance/alternative/soul/experimental/hip-hop roots to begin work on the band's third full length album, Seeing Sounds. The overwhelming description of their style that I just left you with is the soul reason that their sound is so nice right now. I mean, it doesn't hurt to have a group that is two-thirds comprised of the production greats, The Neptunes. N*E*R*D is going hard right now and in a completely different respect than any other artist on this list.
Lazer Gun Carying
Everyone Nose
Everyone Nose Remix (ft. Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Pusha T of The Clipse)
Young Chris
You may or may not remember Young Chris as one half of the Roc-A-Fella rap duo, The Young Gunz (see Can't Stop, Wont Stop). Althought the group's commercial success was somewhat short lived, they remained on the label and recently, Young C started releasing a series of solo tracks. He, also, apparently plans on releasing his debut solo album this year, that I would definitely be interested in getting a hold of. His Philly roots are reflected in his lyricism that, I think, sometimes parallels the style of a young Jay-Z, himself.
Paradise (ft. Lil' Wayne)
You Don't Even Know
Ride Out
This cat is the first rapper out of the DC/Maryland/Virginia area in a while to have potential to rise to national popularity in the industry since The Clipse and Pharrell. He's had the internet goin' nuts for a while now, and this online popularity has caught the ear of other respectful artists who featured him on a couple songs and got him some further recognition. His witty wordplay, unique delivery, and upbeat rhyme patterns make most every track he releases enjoyable.
Mr. Carter Freestyle
Hacksaw Jim Duggan (ft. Skyzoo)
Whole Time (ft. Young Chris)
The Crazy
Bun B
Bun B has been a highly respected rapper in the South for a long while now for his involvement in the Underground Kingz, or UGK, with the late Pimp C. The group had been putting out music solid music since 1987 - before I was born - but, sadly, it was after the passing of Bun's groupmate and long-time friend that he really began to shine. Jumping on featured track after track, he tore up countless verses, and with the release of his second solo album, II Trill, he solidified his place on this featured artist post.
Damn, I'm Cold (ft. Lil' Wayne)
Swang On 'Em (ft. Lupe Fiasco)
That's Gangsta (ft. Sean Kingston)
You're Everything (ft. Rick Ross, David Banner, 8 Ball & MJG)

Remember to check the plenty of upcoming posts.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How About A Hip-Hop President

Jay-Z called this in 2003 when, before Dirt Off Your Shoulders, he exclaimed,

"Turn the music up in the headphones.
Barack, you can go on, brush your shoulders off nigga, I got you."
- Jay-Z

Monday, April 14, 2008

Surviving The Times

So, being my first post, I figure I should start off by telling a bit about myself, but I don't want to. The way I see it, you can tell the man by what's going through his headphones. The one thing I will say is that I do not enjoy what I hear comin' out of other peoples speakers. The list goes on and on. Fortunately there are people like myself, and my best friend the Young G of many names, his most recent being Orlando Magic, who stay true to the classics.

I've got well over 500 songs prior to 1998, and I'm always finding new shit to pump through the speakers. Things by De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Naughty by Nature, Run DMC, The Sugarhill Gang, Kool Moe Dee, Eric B. & Rakim, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Jazzy Jeff. The list goes on and on.

When you're born after 1990, you miss out on all the good stuff. I'd like to end this with a quote from one of the best rap groups of all time, Run DMC.

"If you really think about it times aren't that bad.
The one that stretches for success will make you glad.
Stop playing, start praying, you won't be sad.
It's like that, and that's the way it is."

I'll leave you with some of the best classics you gotta check out:

Scenario - A Tribe Called Quest
Me, Myself, and I - De La Soul
Rapper's Delight - The Sugarhill Gang
Wild Wild West - Kool Moe Dee
Children's Story - Slick Rick
You Be Illin' - Run DMC
Brass Monkey - The Beastie Boys
Feel Me Flow - Naughty By Nature
Bonita Applebum - A Tribe Called Quest
My Melody - Eric B. & Rakim
The Magic Number - De La Soul
Bust A Move - Young M.C.
My Adidas - Run DMC
O.P.P. - Naughty By Nature
Awards Tour - Jurassic Five
Ain't No Half Steppin' - Big Daddy Kane
My Philosophy - KRS-One
Momma Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J
Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio
Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot
Humpty Dance - Digital Underground
Hip Hop Hooray - Naughty by Nature
Lets Get Married - Jagged Edge
Hypnotize - Notorious B.I.G.
You Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
No Diggity - Blackstreet
This Is How We Do It- Montell Jordan

Check me out here, too.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Rhyme Has Come

You guys have been waitin' way to long for this, so I've decided that I gotta go big or go home. Well, since I'm stayin' right where I am, I've decided to go big.

Below I have some of newest tracks dating back less than a month ago, and I have ones that I've copped as recently as today. It's a dope combination of the underground and the commercial, the gansta and the backpack, the old school returning and the new school gettin' better.

First, I'll give you my Top 10 Tracks:
Big Boi ft. Andre 3000, Raekwon - Royal Flush | This is the first joint I've heard from Antwan's forthcoming solo album, Sir Luscious Left Foot.
Fat Joe ft. KRS-One - My Conscience | This happens to be the dopest track off Joey Crack's new album and with old school strength, there's no going wrong.
The Game - Big Dreams | Fresh out of incarceration, The Game lets us now how tough he is, with another song about dreams.
Lupe Fiasco - Gold Watch | This just happens to be my favorite song of Lupe's The Cool.
Lupe Fiasco ft. Talib Kweli - After All | This song takes an older track "Just Might Be Okay," flips the beat, and adds a respectable verse by Talib. No losing here.
Sheek Louch ft. Styles P, Jadakiss - Gettin' Stronger | Gettin' strong is an understatement when the LOX comes with it better than ever.
Three 6 Mafia - I'd Rather | They get their message across, and the song definitely keeps playing in your head.
Wale ft. 45 Kings - Strings | There's something about his songs that is just contagious.
Wyclef Jean ft. Lupe Fiasco - Fast Car Remix | A peaceful island-based track that just gets so much more with the addition of the Lupe verse.
Young Chris ft. Peedi Crakk - 3, 2, 1 | This complimenting duo raps about the good life and enjoys it.

And I left you with another 26 joints:
Atmosphere ft. Stage One, St. Paul Slim, Muja Messsiah, YZ, Brother Ali, Toki Wright, Blueprint - Crewed Up | This is a dope track of some Mid-west underground rappers showin' us how strong they flow together.
The Cool Kids - A Little Bit Cooler | As a big fan of the Mikey and Chuck, this song comes just as tight as their earlier ones.
DMX - Already | The Dog returns from a hiatus to deliver us a decent track.
E-4o ft. Lil' Jon - Turf Drop | Hyphy and crunk music collide is this new class by Forty Fonzerelli.
Fabolous - Hey Papi Freestyle | It's been a while since Fab came out with something this good.
Fat Joe - Thank God For That White | He lets us know who he has to thank for his success.
Gnarls Barkley - Run | The new track is definitely way to catchy to leave out of the mix.
Ill Bill ft. La Coka Nostra - That's Coke | These boys tell us how that white is more than a drug, it's a culture.
Kidz In The Hall ft. DJ GI Joe - The Black Out | There last song I posted was so dope, it's amazing to see how close they come when bringing this one.
The KnuX - Cappuccino Remix | I don't know what it is about this group that had me listening to their original and their remix of this joint.
Lil' Wayne - I | This upbeat mixtape track shines in the wide catalog of Wayne tracks.
Lupe Fiasco ft. Young Jeezy, TI - Superstar Remix | Another remix of a Lupe track but with some an unexpected, southern rap cast.
Mickey Factz - Up High | A very Lupe-esque song, but I dig it.
Mickey Factz ft. Nakim - K-1 Attack | Mickey shows us that he can switch up the flow and still sound decent. Other dudes verse ain't bad.
Nappy Roots - Who Got It, Where's It At | This track from a country-rap group definitely strays from their older "Aww Naw."
Q-Tip - Midnight '08 | This old school and underground veteran comes strong with brand new music.
Red Cafe ft. Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Fabolous - Paper Touchin' Remix | A strong cast makes this song a remix that top the originator.
Rick Ross ft. T-Pain, Lil' Wayne, Fabolous, Red Cafe - The Boss Remix | Like the last track, this one brings it hard over Ricky Ross's new track.
Snoop Dogg ft. Too Short, Mistah FAB - Life Of Da Party | This is the best song of Snoop Dogg's latest album, and that's not saying much. Time to hang up the towel.
Swizz Beatz - Candy Green | It may be no "It's Me," but for a producer, Swizz really delivers.
Talib Kweli - Independent Hustle | A tribute to all those record labels and individual rappers doing it big and not getting all the recognition they deserve.
Tha Dogg Pound ft. Pharrell - Cheat | The sample is what originally drew me to this track, and DPG kept it coming.
Wale - Rain, Sleet, Snow | Up and coming D.C. rapper who takes to his Washington roots with upbeat background tracks to tightly flow over.
Young Buck - Hold On | I'm really into these slower, meaningful flows lately.
Young Chris - Rewind Freestyle | C's freestyles are always just are strong, if not stronger, as all his produced tracks.

I know it's been a while, but I hope no one's too disappointed after this re-up. So many posts in so little time. You can't complain when the music's insane.

Gettin' In Touch With Our Musical Roots

The Legendary Roots Crew, or more commonly know simply as The Roots, and one of the most successful underground rap groups in the history of hip-hop. They have been releasing amazing music for over twenty years now. They produce such deep, powerful rap lyrics with the aide of an in house bad and a hard hittin' jazz sound like no other.

The variety of styles that The Fifth Dynasty has released also points to how much of an artistic talent the group has. Even the former members of the group point towards the groups immense talent - they include renowned beat boxer Rhazel and hip-hop producer Scott Storch. Current member, and one of their most recognized figures, drummer ?uestlove, has a repertoire that includes DJing, music journalism, producing, and appearances on the Chappelle Show.

Well, from what I've heard so far, The Roots have done it once again. The crew will be releasing their tenth album since formation. I've been checkin' some of the singles and leaks around the internet, and from what I can see, this album is more than promising. Contrastingly from their last album, The Game Theory, the lines are going to be delivered over tracks that have a less rock feel, and many of them will have some strong artists joining them as features.

"I'm working on [album] number 10 right now — I want to be the first rap artist to actually make a good 10th record, that's my goal." -?uestlove

Get Busy (ft. Dice Raw, Peedi Crakk, DJ Jazzy Jeff)
Rising Down (ft. Styles P, Mos Def, Dice Raw)
Rising Up (ft. Wale, Chrisette Michele)
75 Bars [Black's Reconstruction]
Birthday Girl (ft. Patrick Stump)

Now, we play the waiting game for the release of this album on April 29th.
"It's all in the music."

The Coincidence is Undeniable

Finding all the newest joints, as I attempt to do, is tough work, as you can see by the time that passes in between posts. As I was browsing recently though, I came across a new Wu-Tang track with RZA and Inspectah Deck. There was something about this track that just seemed all too familiar. Then it hit me... Undeniable of Mos Def's True Magic.

Below, I posted up both these tracks so you can see the similarities yourself.

RZA ft. Inspectah Deck - You Can't Stop Me | The track and the sample have a very old-school feel that's stays true to the Wu style.
Mos Def - Undeniable | Mos Def takes this sample and flips it in the best of ways.

Hope you like this, and all the other posts I'm blazin' one after another.
ABC, always be cool.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lean With It, Hypnotize It

College is a place where people discover themselves and the things that will truly be their life's passion. This isn't the case here. As my friends and I grow bored with one abstract hobby or crazy project after another, we move on yet again. This time, we've stumbled upon music mash-ups.

Our group, who for now will be dubbed the Super Mash Bros., has worked on creating remixes with two seperate songs, utilizing full tracks, samples, instrumentals, and a capellas. With all of our effect, I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy.

lean with it, hypnotize it

With this little ensemble, we see the Notorious B.I.G. flowing over his track hypnotize with a little help from Atlanta's Dem Franchize Boyz, who took a break from all their snap music.

Dem Franchize Boyz vs. Notorious B.I.G - Lean With It, Hypnotize It

There are more tracks where this one came from, and eventually I'll rerelease them all in a sort of pseudo-album.
In the meantime, still listen to gangsta music, my brothas.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Out For Presidents To Represent Me

With the upcoming Presidential Primaries, interviewers are really beginning to focus on the issues that truley matter.
What are these issues you ask?

Why, hip-hop of course.

Obama goes and get's busy lettin' us know what's bumpin' on his iPod, from new to old.

"You know. [Hip-hop] tells a story. As Jay would say 'He got flow.'"
Jay-Z - Lost Ones
Jay-Z - Ain't I
Kanye West - Stronger (unreleased original verse)
Kanye West ft. Common - The Food

"But I'm still an old school guy."
Marvin Gaye - Give It Up Remix
Stevie Wonder - That Girl
Temptations - Treat Her Like A Lady
Earth, Wind, & Fire - In The Stone

"I think the potential them to deliver a message of extraordinary power."
Just thought I'd throw this track out there. Obama is on the right track, but there was a movement recently called "Stop The Violence" where rappers who typically rap about shoot outs and the like spit something a little more abstract for them. Below is a piece of the track and here's the video.
KRS-One ft. Nelly, The Game - Self Construction

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Biggest Boss That You Seen Thus Far

It's about that time again where people start letting me know that I've been slacking and that the want the re-up. Who am I to deny readers of what they want? Well gangstas and gangstaettes, check out these new songs from my most recent search for new jams.

What follows is a nice mix of twenty-something pieces of urban culture for you to sample with a little bit of an OG's commentary.

2 Pistols ft. T-Pain - She Got It :: The radio will love this one.
Bun B ft. Sean Kingston - That's Gangsta :: It doesn't get any harder than this.
Cam'ron - Pass The Dutchie :: Oh, what a sample can do for a song.
The Clipse ft. The Re-Up Gang - 20K Money Makin' Brothers On The Corner :: Who knew someone could rap about cooking repeatedly while still stayin' fresh.
The Cool Kids - Pump Up The Volume Remix :: Check out their television spot.
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Bubble Pop :: Del does for the rap game what retro dunks do for sneakers.
DJ Drama ft. Nelly, T.I., Diddy, Yung Joc, Willie The Kid, Young Jeezy, Twista - 5000 Ones :: This shows that Khaled isn't the only one that can put ish together.
Ghostface Killah vs. Jay-Z - Success at the Apollo :: A fan of both songs.
Gillie The Kid ft. Freeway, Peedi Crakk - Get Down On The Ground Remix :: Self-proclaimed "King of Philly" brings the heat with a dope supporting cast.
Kidz In The Hall - Drivin' Down The Block :: These backpack rappers apparently know what they're doing.
Lupe Fiasco - Little Weapon :: This reaches Slick Rick-storytellin' status.
Mike Jones ft. Hurricane Chris - Drop And Give Me Fifty :: He busted it wide open and shook it on the floor?
Papoose ft. Busta Rhymes, Big Lou - Last Lyricists :: This track keeps it gutter.
Pharrell ft. N.E.R.D. - Everyone Nose :: Anyone else find this strangely intriguing.
Ray Cash - With A G :: And I though he was gone for good.
Rick Ross ft. T Pain - The Boss :: The Rick Ross/T Pain Combo does it for me.
Rick Ross ft. R. Kelly, Baby, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Lil' Wayne, Lil' Boosie, DJ Khaled - Speedin' Remix :: The variety made me like it better than the original.
The Roots vs. The Beatles - Pity The Child/Come Together :: I know this isn't new, but I think everyone needs to be on this.
Saigon ft. Memphis Bleek - Ryders (Da Ville To Da Stuy) :: Sai doesn't get nearly enough credit.
Three 6 Mafia ft. UGK - One Some Chrome :: Rip Pimp C.
Usher ft. Ludacris - Dat Girl Right There :: Make no mistake, this isn't only for the ladies.
Wiz Khalifa - Say Yeah :: The sample alone is worth the listen.
Young Buck - New York City :: This is the better of his two newly released songs.
Young Chris - Nowhere :: Post-Young Gunz, he's flowing better than ever.

Until next time, take it Eazy F. Baby.