Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Two Premieres

New contributor The Benjamins, writes:

Today's a special day, we're all blessed with two grand premieres: my first post and the release of a new Wu-Tang Album. Wu-Tang Clan has been my favorite rap group for a long time, probably since I was 9 years old and ODB rushed the stage at the Grammy's to announce that he had bought an expensive outfit and that "Wu-Tang is for the children".

Wu's 8 Diagrams is their first album since 2001's Iron Flag, and the first since the death of ODB. The rhymes are dark and gritty, and most of the album takes a different tone than their usual. It's deeper. This is especially noticeable in 'Life Changes', a tribute to ODB. The Wu is back with the rhymes, beats, and long kung fu movie samples we've been missing.

Tracks off 8 Diagrams:
Take It Back
Rushing Elephants
The Heart Gently Weeps
Life Changes

This last one's not off 8 Diagrams, but I've had it stuck in my head for like 2 months.
It's RZA without the rest of the clan.
RZA- A Day to God is 1000 years

Remember, it's all for the children.

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