Monday, December 10, 2007

Just Be Like Yahhh And Give A Dog A Bone

My ninja The Wang writes:

Well as most football enthusiasts would know, today Michael Vick was convicted and sentenced to 23 months in Federal Prison in the state of Virginia on charges concerning dog fighting, not dawgs fighting. I don't know how everyone else feels about this, but I think Vick got what he deserved. I mean c'mon... the dude was makin' nearly 23 million a year playin' ball and makin' commercials for Nike, Underarmor, Champs, etc.; why would he do suttin' as dumb as dog fightin. Oh well, all you other dog fighters out there beware from this case. America cares! Well, me and The Coolest wanna no how y'all feel 'bout this issue, so get back at us.

This song played as Vick was being sentenced...

And I write:
This might be gettin' ridiculous, but I gotta post what I gotta post. The sad thing is, this song is quite catchy.

Soulja Boy - Yahhh

Now all we need to do is ask if he took a page out of Howard Dean's book for this joint.

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