Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Is The Sound Of Throwing Pennies On The Ground

This track has been around for a while now, but I wanted to share it with those of you who haven't. The Cool Kids old-school feel and unique style keep them consistently putting out tracks that I cannot pass up. They released their first EP, The Bake Sale, in 2008, but Mikey and Chuck are set to release their first full studio album, When Fish Ride Bicycles, sometime in 2009. Definitely expect me to review the CD once it drops.

For now enjoy this joint which was featured in NBA 2K9.

And if that ain't enough for you, peep the official video below, and be on the look out for future posts.

I've Been Slackin' With My Mackin'

UPDATE 4/29/09: So I got my second message from the recording industry, where they went again and took down a post I recently hit you guys with featuring an old playlist.  Well here is the repost with the link to download all of them at the bottom.

Records In Rotation.
4/17/09 (from 1/10/09)

Since I have neglected 
From A Young G's Perspective so much lately , I'm planning on hittin' you guys with a steady flow of music that I hadn't got to posting. I have playlist after playlist of dope tracks for you all to enjoy.

I'm gonna start posting a series of my current playlists in an ongoing series of posts entitled "Records In Rotation." Here's the first of these playlist featuring many dope tracks that I was listening to back in January.

Asher Roth - The Reading Rainbow Remix :: I know most of you only know Asher from his single, I Love College, but this song shows that there's so much more to the rookie rapper. Who doesn't love the nostalgic Reading Rainbow sample.
B-Real ft. Damian Marley - Fire :: This song is fire, just likes it's titled. B-Real, member of Cypress Hill, meshes well with the reggae stylings of Junior Gong.
B.o.B ft. Willie Joe - Hood Hop Freestyle :: B.o.B, the New Millenium ATLien, goes hard on this freestyle with a lesser but still decent performance from "Bay to the A" rapper Willie Joe.
Busta Rhymes ft. T.I., Akon - Number One :: Through the ages, it seems Busta Rhymes is just as dope and just as consistent now as he's every been. And it doesn't hurt when you have T.I. and Akon on the track that's good enough for the radio and my ipod.
Busta Rhymes ft. T Pain - Hustler's Anthem :: Another banger off Busta's eight album B.O.M.B., with yet another catchy hook by everybodys favorite singer slash rapper, T Pain.
Chamillionaire - The Evaluation :: I've been a long time fan of Chamillionaire's mixtape series, and on this track he takes to the couch and flows on his own psych evaluation.
Chamillionaire ft. Crooked I - Everything :: Another Mixtape Messiah 6 track, Koopa reps for Texas and joins up with underground hard-hitter Crooked I and they do some lyrical damage over Bun B's Pimp C tribute track You're Everything.
Cory Gunz - Ain't I Freestyle :: If you haven't heard the original, you need to listen up for LA, T.I. and Dro, so here it is. Gunz, who's fast hittin' lyricism, I think, can get pretty repetitive at times, does his thing here and doesn't disappoint.
Dyme Def - Dreamin' :: Dyme Def is a Seattle duo who I've been listenin' to more lately. This song showcases some of what they do, with their fresh, almost retro style, and I'll have more of their material, which is more fast-paced delivery, soon enough.
Fashawn - Freedom :: Fashawn did his thing on a Day'N'Nite remix here, which so much better than Jim Jone's bland re-verse, and this is another song displaying this young rappers unique style and skill.
Freeway - Don't Tell Me It's Over :: Freeway did what most artists wouldn't dream of. He took advantage of the internet peaking the interest of his fans by releasing a song a day in what he called The Month of Madness. This is the last official track, and like the majority of the others, Free keeps it 100, going in strong. You can cop the whole Month here.
GLC ft. Pimp C - Take It Off :: I haven't heard too much from GLC, but being from Kanye's
G.O.O.D. music label, you know there's gotta be something to him. With a too dope Too Short sample and a heavy rock beat, this track definitely hits hard.
Joell Ortiz ft. Joe Budden - Move On :: These two cats are two amazing underground rappers and one half of the supergroup, Slaughterhouse. It's no wonder two lyrical powerhouses like this can produce such a nice joint.
Joell Ortiz - Morning :: Just another track where Joell showcases his skills on the mic.
Kyle Lucas - Control Remix :: I don't know much about this kid, but he's signed with Big Boi's Purple Ribbon label. It seems that the internet heads like him, and the couple of tracks I've heard seem to live up to the hype.
Mos Def - Brooklyn Go Hard Freestyle :: When I first heard the live version of this, I was takin' back because Mos Def gives this song the flow it really deserves every second of play.
Saigon - No Problemz :: Some of you might recognize Saigon from his role on Entourage, but he's much more than just a rapper with a cameo. His dirty, hard-hitting flow is coupled on this song with a pretty dope deep which makes it a song that definitely gets more than a first listen.
Thr33zy McFly ft. At - I'm Krazy - I can't say that I know anything about either of these rappers, but I heard this song a while ago. It may not be a banger, but that beat has me hooked and Thr33zy has peaked my interest.

Click below to cop all the tracks:

Stay tuned for the next installment of Records In Rotation, coming real soon.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Some One Who Knows How To Get Money From Others

I'm out on a Thursday nights and I thought it only appropriate to post a song from the random play on iTunes that really caught my interest. The Game, who is one of my favorite rappers ever, and Nas, who is constantly considered as one of the greatest, if not one of New Yorks greatest, both appear on this more-than-dope track from Nas's 9th studio album, which was eventually titled Untitled because of politically-correct issues.

The song Hustlers is so, so dope, and I can't resist but post it. Both Game and Nas go real hard on it, and this song is definitely a current day hit.

Nas ft. The Game - Hustlers

Enjoy this song. On the real, it combines some of the best rappers of our generation.