Friday, April 03, 2009

Some One Who Knows How To Get Money From Others

I'm out on a Thursday nights and I thought it only appropriate to post a song from the random play on iTunes that really caught my interest. The Game, who is one of my favorite rappers ever, and Nas, who is constantly considered as one of the greatest, if not one of New Yorks greatest, both appear on this more-than-dope track from Nas's 9th studio album, which was eventually titled Untitled because of politically-correct issues.

The song Hustlers is so, so dope, and I can't resist but post it. Both Game and Nas go real hard on it, and this song is definitely a current day hit.

Nas ft. The Game - Hustlers

Enjoy this song. On the real, it combines some of the best rappers of our generation.

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