Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Very Young Hov

I had originally posted this a couple of weeks back, but the hip-hop police over at the record companies didn't like that I was sharing some of Jigga's new tracks with you. I took all the joints from Blueprint 3 off the post, but hopefully you'll still enjoy the low-key classics I'm here to share:

I'm sure many of you share my excitement for Jay's upcoming album, The Blueprint 3. It's great that another track from Hova's eleventh studio album leaked, but I find the song History [link removed] lackluster. Personally, I expect more from a man that's given the hip-hop industry so much to date. I can also honestly say it was not one of the songs I was the most anxious to hear, Swagga Like Us Pt. 2. For the time being, I will be leaving you with some rare cuts, some early classics, and some back-in-the-day freestyles. It's interesting to note how Hova's flow has shifted from his fast flows coming up to his more refined flow now, but he's always kept the same Young Hov flow.

The compilation of tracks includes:
Big L ft. Jay-Z - Homerun Hitters Freestyle
Jay-Z - 1991 Freestyle at Big Daddy Kane's Birthday
Jay-Z - 1993 Freestyle
Jay-Z - Addicted To The Game
Jay-Z - Can I Git It Open
Jay-Z - Dead or Alive, Pt. 2 (Tupac Diss)
Jay-Z - Early This Morning
Jay-Z - What's In A Name
Jay-Z ft. Rude Boyz - My Kind Of Girl
Jaz O ft. Jay-Z - Hawaiian Sophie
Jaz O ft. Jay-Z - Originators '99

You can download it here.

Just throw your diamonds in the sky until I get my next playlist up.

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