Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grade-A Beef

G- G- G- G-unit is ga- ga- ga- grudging.

This all started when Fifty decided that it would be a smart move to kick another, more-talented artist out of his gang of rappers (i.e. The Game). He went and released Young Buck and then proceeded to show how much of a fool he was by starting beef with the former clique member.

As I recently informed you in my post, Go Hard, this down-south gangsta is rapping better than he's ever been, so he wasn't the best target for Curtis to attack, but to him the plan seemed full-proof. He released a year-old, taped cellphone conversation between him and Young Buck where Buck got emotional over his status in G-Unit to prove how much tougher he was than Nashville rapper.

In response, Young Buck, aided by The Game, lyrically tore 50 to shreads and left him a failure, and I believe Buck said it best when he stated, "The only people that tape conversations is 5-0."

Young Buck - The Taped Conversation
The Game - Taped Convo
Bonus: Young Buck - Terminate On Sight

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