Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Am The Ballot In The Box, The Bullet In The Gun

For all you readers out there, you know I'm here to keep you up on what's real good out in the hip-hop world. Now it's your turn.

I'm looking for readers to send in what they think is hot out there. You can recommend posts and topics, you can comment on what you think I've done right, and tell me what you like and what you didn't like so much.

Most importantly, I want to know specifically what new songs you think are hot out there; any fresh joints that might have slipped passed my radar of dopeness. I want to be able to post not only what I think is nice out there; I want to share all your ideas too, with your due credit, of course.

Drop me a line at, or even better, comment my blog itself. Props to Timmy Wang for the idea.


  1. oochie wally by nas as vulgar and old as it is, i must say is by far one of my all time favorites. Seriouslly, im simila to the thrilla in manilla, b*tches call me horse, da p**sy filla.
    thats sum serious old skool style shit

  2. Ain't nobody dope as me I'm just so fresh so clean, so fresh n so clean clean. these words were synonimous with an era, an era known as the birth of outKast