Wednesday, May 02, 2012

In the Studio Pt. 1: Just Blaze Smack DVD Edition

One of the ways I prefer to waste time on Youtube is to search for production videos from my favorite producers. Just Blaze has long been one of such producers, and to me, his sound is Hip Hop in its perfect form. He always keeps the essence of it in place, but makes his music so that is accessible to the casual music fan, as well as the die-hards like myself (case in point: Lord Knows). Back around '05, Just did a demonstation for SMACK DVD-Magazine of his process in the studio, which basically consists of finding a hot sample, adding drums, etc. Obviously there is much more that goes into the process ("by the time I'm finished it'll be a whole different monster"), but you can get the jist of what it's like from the video below...

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