Wednesday, February 07, 2007

CT Sit Down...

...and pop in J.R. Dirty's newest cd, Down In The Cut - CT Stand Up, which will be up for sale tomorrow. The cd's are rumored to be selling for $5, and below i have featured the official track listing from Dirty himself. You can chose to copy and paste it from here or simply download the text file below and print it. In about a month I may decide to post up the songs for download, but do the local talent a favor and pony up the five bucks.

Down In The Cut - CT Stand Up

1. Intro
2. Whole City Behind Me
3. Who I Be
4. I'm Hot
5. The Future
6. Ghetto
7. You Probably Heard of Me
8. Mandatory
9. Murder Shit
10. Pop Off
11. Get Money
12. Cloud 9
13. Interlude
14. J.R.'s Town
15. Did It All
16. I Don't Love You
17. Pay Attention
18. Fuck Wit Your Boy
19. Still Feel me
20. Connecticut Stand Up
21. By Your Side
22. Dead Presidents

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