Sunday, December 06, 2009

Thank Me Later

Drake is argueably the rapper with the biggest buzz in the hip-hop industry right now. His talent and rise to popularity with the help of Lil' Wayne has made him quite successful very quickly. But with several mixtapes out to date, everyone is waiting on his freshman album, Thank Me Later.

The album is expected to release in March of 2010, so we will have to wait a few months before you can "buy two and claim you got it for your sister." According to Drake, in the below interview, his debut album is set to feature the likes of Lil' Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Young Jeezy, as well as a "mystery guest" who I hear is rumored to be Kings of Leon. With a line-up like that, this album has the potential to set the bar high early in the year for other hip-hop albums.

With at least four months until the albums release, I'll leave you with some real early Drake until we next hear from the kid. Not quite sure where this track is coming from, but it is circa 2006, around the time he released his first mixtape, Room For Improvement. His style remains the same, maybe with a little more emotion now, but this verse he serves up is pretty tight.

Drake ft. Nickelus F - When We Come Around

Another track that he recently released, comes from a studio session with Colin Munroe, who I featured here, but it doesn't seem to be featured on Thank Me Later. This track couldn't be any different from the early track above. Personally, this track doesn't really do it for me, but it's something to hold Drake fans out there over.

Drake ft. Colin Monroe - Runaway Girl

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