Monday, February 08, 2010

Miscellaneous Post of the Day

Another Monday... luckily I got plenty of music/info to help everyone get through the day. DD172 mainstay, Curren$y, dropped a new mixtape today called, Smokee Robinson. It's hosted by Don Cannon, who is one of my favorite DJ's and producers. To be honest, I haven't given Curren$y a chance up until this point, so hopefully this mixtape will show me why everyone's been talkin about this dude.

A new artist I'm really excited about is this dude Hayes, from Detroit. He was recently signed to Aftermath, and Dr. Dre and Timbaland have both agreed to co-produce his debut CD. Who knows when it'll drop, since Aftermath is notorious for pushing albums back/never releasing them. However, the prospect of a Dre and Timbo co-produced CD sounds too amazing not to think about. Plus, from what I've heard thus far, the kid is pretty dope. Check out his mixtape, below.

Also, check back later this week as I'm going to post parts 5 & 6 of "Behind the Boards."

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