Friday, September 25, 2009

Burn After Rolling

It seems like these days, especially with all the buzz about Drake's rise, people miss out on many young artists putting in the time and work to try to make it big. Or at least make a name for himself.

Some of you may remember Wiz Khalifa from his successful single Make It Hot, but several mixtapes and hopefully an upcoming album later, he's still doing his thing. Wiz is preparing to put out another mixtape, Burn After Rolling, and songs from the mixtape are already starting to show up.

B.A.R (Burn After Rolling)
:: This is the smoothe, mellow raps that I've come to expect from Khalifa man. Definitely a perfect song to light it up and kick it to.

Airborn :: I just heard this yesterday and it's been in rotation since. Definitely worth the listen.

Let me know what you think. His mixtapes seem to be hit or miss and the original Star Power Mixtape is what turned me on to him in the first place. Hopefully this next collection of tracks he releases keeps me interested.

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