Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who's Next? Pt. 4: Dom Kennedy

Dom Kennedy embodies everything that these posts are about: solid, progressive Hip Hop. Hailing from Leimert Park, CA, Dom grew up listening to all your standard West Coast greats such as Ice Cube and DJ Quik. Yet, his style is completely different than theirs. With a flow reminiscent of a smoked-out Southern MC, Dom comes with all kinds of provocative subject matter that captivates and keeps you entertained all the way through. He's put out three top-notch mixtapes including The 25th Hour, the excellent FutureStreet/DrugSounds, and most recently Best After Bobby. He hasn't gotten the press that other up-and-coming MC's have gotten, but hopefully that'll change soon. The dude is way too talented to go unheard of for this long.

The 25th Hour, Dom's first mixtape, is a definite heater. Unfortunately, I just found out about it, so I don't have a whole lot of information. But having listened to it once, I can see why he's steadily gaining the buzz that he deserves.

This is the mixtape that put me on to Dom Kennedy. Top 5 mixtapes of '09 no question, it's that good. Chuck Inglish (1/2 of The Cool Kids) produces the first song on the 'tape, and the other 10 songs are just as good. I've had this in rotation for about 3 weeks now and haven't gotten tired of it yet.

Best After Bobby is the most recent mixtape, released in conjunction with the Los Angeles Leakers. Rich Boy, as well as newcomers Pac Div make appearances. Check it out...

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