Sunday, October 04, 2009

Just Blaze on Relapse 2 & Detox?! Whoa...

Words cannot describe how excited I am right now. It was recently announced that Just Blaze, who in my opinion is the craziest Hip Hop producer on the planet, has five tracks on Relapse 2, as well as a joint on Detox that features The Game. The picture above was taken yesterday, and posted up on Game's twitter. I was pretty disappointed by Dre's beats on Relapse, so I'm pleased to hear that other producers are handling the bulk of the production. Eminem recently talked to Shade45 radio to discuss a variety of topics, and announced that Denaun Porter and The Alchemist have tracks on his new album as well. Check out the interview below...


  1. WTF!
    You were disappointed by Dr. Dre's on Relapse???
    Um....yeaaa riiiight :S

  2. I stand by that statement, the majority of the beats sound corny. Polished, yes, because Dre is one of the best audio engineers in the world. But with the exception of a few songs, the beats themselves don't come close to any of Dre's past work. If you want proof, just listen to 'The Marshall Mathers LP', or '2001'... it's not even a contest.