Monday, November 16, 2009

Everybody Know Me

The internet is going nuts over Beanie Sigel's signing with 50 Cent after Rocafella and Jay-Z dropped him, but on the topic of G-Unit, we cannot forget those who left the clique to try and do bigger, better things.

I have a lot of respect for both Young Buck and The Game. They are both talented artists and lyricists in their own right and have been doing a lot of work post-G-Unit. The Game is coming out with his next studio album The R.E.D. Album - I've heard some leaks and am hoping that the album turns out better than what has been released so far. Althought I don't know of any upcoming Buck releases, he has been releasing tracks regularly.

The Game's Big Money is supposedly the first single off his next album. I recently heard the song and with such strong production from Cool and Dre, I was hoping he would do more with it. I hadn't heard much from Buck in a while, but he just released a track called Homecoming, a slower track depicting street life.

The Game - Big Money [Edit: Had it up, but had to remove the link due to copyright issues. It probably wasn't worth posting in the first place, anyways.]

Young Buck - Homecoming

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