Friday, March 05, 2010

The Young Spitter That Everybody in Rap Fear

And here it is, the first single off of Drake's debut album Thank Me Later, "Over." I've listened to this song quite a few times, and it's definitely growing on me even though the hook is sub-par. The beat is an absolute heater thanks to Boi-1da, and Drake brings it for the most part. Drake's verses do the job, and I'm really feelin' the song, but the hook is a bit of a letdown. I will say the one aspect I'm very pleased with is that he came with some heat... something that's got a little heavier vibe, and isn't so lighthearted like "Best I Ever Had."

Before this single was released I was definitely worried about the direction of Drake's debut album. I'm still not entirely convinced that it will be anything but a mainstream shit-sandwich of an album, however, this is more along the lines I was looking for out of the kid. There's no doubt Drake is talented, but I'd hate to see him put together an album full of radio cuts with The Dream and other pop music regulars.

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