Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keeping Up

KiD CuDi needs to release Cudder soon.

I'm pretty excited to see what the Kid has up his sleeve for his sophomore LP. With my last post, which you can see here, I shared a track called Cudderisback where he went over Vampire Weekend's track, Ottoman. It's good to see an artist still having fun with what he is doing, especially while working on another album and with the huge success of his first album. Below is a video that Cudi released to the tune of Cudderisback.

You can also see KiD CuDi putting up a verse on a new Snoop track off the re-release of his most recent album, calling it More Malice. The track is entitled That Tree and will be among five tracks from the original release of Malice in Wonderland, four other new tracks, and two remixed tracks.

EDIT: KiD CuDi and Snoop link up on another track which some say was supposed to be their collab on the upcoming sophomore album Cudder. Cudi said this was a track off the Man In The Moon demo so we will need to wait and see how everything unfolds, when his next album Cudder finally drops.

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