Friday, February 04, 2011


At this point I guess it could be considered a guilty pleasure, but I do love me some E-40. There is something about his unorthodox delivery that I feel because you will never hear him sounding like any other artist. Combine that with his endless Bay Area slang game and somehow me makes the most complex lines just flow off his tongue.

I haven't heard much of his (two) new album(s), Revenue Retrievin' (Day Shift/Night Shift), but it seems like it's not up to the caliber of some of his older material. I became a fan when I was introduced to him sometime before My Ghetto Report Card was released because I remember my anticipation for that album. To this day, I still keep it in rotation.

On that note, one track I did enjoy off the Day Shift featured both Too Short and surprisingly 50 Cent.

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